• safety

    We take safety seriously. Safety training, measurable safety goals and stringent monitoring are part of every Robertson project.

    Our commitment to incident-free jobs starts with training. We require 10-hour OSHA training for our field employees and 30-hour OSHA training for our supervisors. In addition, we provide skill specific training for forklifts and aerial lifts, first aid, CPR and crisis management.

    At Robertson, we don’t leave any aspect of safety to chance and as a result, have instituted a Safety Policy Manual. Developed to assure compliance with federal, state and local regulations, our Safety Policy Manual educates our staff and assists them in implement these guidelines on the job site.

    Robertson’s dedication to safety permeates the entire company, from the top down. We contract with a safety consultant who performs monthly safety tours. We have an in-house safety officer who visits sites weekly. Our site managers regularly check on everything from hard hats to fall protection and carry the responsibility and authority to ensure that all safety requirements are met for our employees and all subcontractors.

    In the day of double-time schedules, our devotion to safety may not make us the most popular on the job site, but what really matters is caring about people and sending them home safely...every day.

  • Everyone on our jobs is part of the Robertson family. We are responsible for over 100 families on any given day and their safety is vital to us.

    Christian H. Robertson, President

  • Please contact us for a copy of our Safety Policy Manual.