• We are committed to understanding the visions of the architects and owners and to encouraging an open dialogue. That’s the only way to know, when the job’s done, it’s been done right.

    Jeremy Johnson, Vice President

  • our process

    At Robertson we exceed expectations by fostering a spirit of collaboration among the designers, architects, owners and contractors involved in each and every project. It’s the only way to successfully execute complex, multi-million dollar projects. The only way to drive innovation on the job site. And the only way to usher in a new age of sustainable, green building practices in our industry.

    Collaboration is much more than a word at Robertson—it’s our process. We call it Collaborative Construction and it manifests itself in our unwavering insistence on excellence, our commitment to honest and open communications and our legacy of lasting relationships.

    Please contact us for a copy of our white paper, Collaborative Construction.